Andrew Jackson: A True Hero

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Andrew Jackson was one of the most controversial presidents there ever was. It’s uncertain if he should be admired or despised; this man was considered a Hero to some and Evil to others. There are so many different opinions towards Jackson because he was a racist who did not follow the rules but lead America to victory. Andrew Jackson had a hard life growing up, he was brought up with violence and suffered many losses young in his life. Jackson’s father died just a few weeks before he was born in a logging accident. A few years later one of his brothers died from a heat stroke while on a mission and his other brother and mother died from dieseas. Jackson was known as being a rebellious boy and often caused problems for others. Despise his many setbacks Jackson became a lawyer at the age of 20 and then proceeded to become a prosecutor. Jackson was a determined man and was elected the new state's first congressman. Jackson had many accomplishments in his life…show more content…
To start off, Jackson fell in love with a married woman and ran off with her. At that time this was seen as unacceptable therefore they had to leave. He also had a dispute over a bet with Charles Dickson and ended up shooting and killing him as well as later on had two of his men executed. Andrew Jackson was also a racist, he believed that white men where superior and the only reason black men were put on the earth so that they can be servants. Jackson argued that white men were meant to be leaders and black men are the followers. Andrew Jackson had more than 100 black slaves working his plantations at the same time. Not only was Jackson not in favor of blacks but wanted the removal of all Indians as well. Some argue that it was not his fault that he was cruel because he was an orphan at 14 and had no role model, others argue that you need to be a special type of person to be able to kill multiple people and have

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