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Kevin Barrett Barrett 1 Professor Jorgenson October 3, 2014 HUM 2220 12755 (Online) Religion in Ancient Egypt The Religion in Ancient Egypt defines the values, the beliefs, the ideas, the heritage and lifestyle of the people, which date back almost nearly three thousand years ago. In fact, each of these components deeply affected this unique culture in different many ways. Furthermore, these special components is what makes Egypt's religion beautiful and naturally embodies the beliefs of their followers, that live out their convictions and goals at all levels of life. Within this ancient religion, numerous types of rituals, myths, and gods teaches us the priceless values, beliefs,…show more content…
These gods varied in sizes, appearances, powers, and gender. For example, the god Osiris, had green skin and dressed in the raiment of a pharaoh, who was the ruler of the underworld and known as the great god of dead. Although, Osiris was murdered by Seth and few dozen conspirator and they placed him inside a coffin then tossed him into the Nile River. The people of Egypt associated him to agriculture and the annual flooding of the Nile. Another element the sun, which the Egyptians associated Osiris with because of its daily re-birth and death. During the year, numerous festivals are held in Egypt throughout the seasons, in celebration of the King of Afterlife, Osiris. A memorable celebration, called the "Fall of the Nile" was when Egyptian went to the shore of the Nile River because the river was receded. While at the shore, the Egyptian showered many gifts to show their appreciation and grief over his death. In conclusion, Osiris a god of the earth, was believed to have given Egypt civilization and has great symbolic affect on the Egyptian society. On the other hand, the god Ra, a sun god, who was considered to be "the King of the Gods" or "the father of Gods" in Ancient Egypt. Furthermore, Ra was the most popular of all the gods and known to be the creator of everything. In fact, he was actually so popular, that the Egyptian people nearly formed a monotheism system, placing him as the one God. Also, it was believed that the great pyramids monuments were connected to king Ra. During this time, the people carefully constructed solar temples in appreciation of king Ra. Unlike the traditional style temples, these one of a kind unique temples were design with accessibility to the immediate sunlight and didn't have any large symbolic statues because the sunlight was representation of king Ra. Although,

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