Events That Occur In Oedipus The King

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In my consideration, the events that took place in King Oedipus cannot be avoided in the earlier cultural system in the play, but they might have been avoided if it happened during the modern days. Why is this so? Main reason is that people were very superstitious at that time as compared to people who living in modern days. They were deeply entrenched in their beliefs and fear of Gods. Same goes to Queen Jocasta and previous King Laius. They abandoned their baby Oedipus in attempt to prevent earlier prophecy of patricide and incest. This was due to their cowardliness, the action of fear. The question raised is, what might have happened if Queen Jocasta and previous King Laius were not superstitious and never abandon Oedipus. Would the prophecy…show more content…
Would the prophecy still have taken place? It seems that it would not have, because he never would have returned to Thebes to carry out his destiny. From the start of the play, no matter how hard the previous King Laius and Queen Jocasta tried to avoid this tragic event from happening, even by abandoning their son, they still could not avoid their destiny as it cannot be altered by the man himself. Through his free will (agency), Oedipus attempted to break prophecy suggested to him by running away from his parents as he did not want to kill his father. However, in actual fact, he unknowingly fulfilled the prophecy. He ended up in Thebes, where his real parents are. He killed his biological father according to the fate that was predetermined. During the whole play, King Oedipus wanted the other characters to tell him the truth that they knew. He was urged to find out the real murderer who had killed King Laius but the truth is often cruel. Jocasta tried to stop him from finding out but he was blinded by his obsession of justice. His desire for truth kept pushing him to continue his investigation, eventually leading to his downfall. He wanted the killer to be blinded, but upon finding out the truth, he blinded himself
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