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Pax Romana Pax Romana was an era of peace that began when Augustus became Emperor 27 BC to when Marcus Aurelius died in AD 180. Peace meant that Rome was stable and safe from invaders. Pax Romana was the “Golden Age” of Rome. Roman republic Origin Romulus and Remus founded Rome. Their parents were Rhea Silvia and the god Mars. They drowned Rhea but, the children were safe in a basket floating down a river later rescued by a she-wolf which was sacred to Mars. The two brothers decided to build the city of Rome where the wolf had found them. When they fought over exactly where the city should be built, Romulus ended up killing his brother Remus. Then, Romulus named the newly founded city Rome! Growth Rome grew by conquering…show more content…
He was everyone’s favorite emperor. He restored peace after 100 years of civil war, which started the Roman peace. He made a good currency system for the economy, extended a highway system which connected the empires, and he even made an efficient postal service. A Tyrant In AD 180 Marcus aurelius died. Then his son Commodus became emperor. Commodus was savage and dissipated money. Commodus mostly fought as a gladiator instead of being a good emperor. In AD 192 the emperor's bodyguard murdered the Commodus. Then, the severans then ruled Rome. They were horrible at being emperors, they didn’t focus on crime or poverty. The Severans stayed in power only because they gave a good amount of money to the army. When the last severans ruler died in AD 235, Rome's government became very unstable. Economic and Political Problems The government became very unstable after the last of the Severans died. Government officials were taking bribes, citizen refused to pay their taxes, and more Romans were enslaved. AD 200 is when Rome’s economy crumbled. Trade routes became dangerous and information could not be sent quickly. The government then decided to gain money by putting less gold in coins, but the when the citizens noticed that they dropped in value, they began to exchange goods. Invaders destroyed Rome’s crops and fields too, causing hunger to

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