Why Do Jews Celebrate Passover

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WRITTEN BY : ALI MUSTAFA PASSOVER/PESACH WHAT IT IS, WHY THEY DO IT, AND THE REASON. What is Passover? Passover, or in Hebrew, Pesach, is one of the most important Jewish festivals of the jewish calendar. It is celebrated for seven days in Israel, but when celebrating outside of Israel, it is to last for eight days. This is because the Jews in the Diaspora lived too far away from Israel to receive this information of when to start the celebration, and so they added a day to the celebration. During passover, Jews do a lot of things, and you can know them just by reading, What is the reason that Jews celebrate the passover? Thousands of years ago, the Hebrews were slaves for the Egyptians. And according to the story of Exodus, God had rescued them, and brought them to the…show more content…
God summoned a swarm of locutus to destroy anything left growing in egypt. The ninth plague, the plague of darkness. God made Egypt dark for three whole days. The tenth plague, the of plague of the first born, an avenging angel would kill every first born son. The israelites/Jews would not be affected, that showed them the God chose them as their chosen people. The plagues made the Egyptians scared from the Jews, so they finally got free from the slavery! It is this that is celebrated during Passover. What do they do in Passover? Well now that they are free, they do fun things in order to celebrate. When passover lasts for seven days, the first and the last days are considered as rest days, where you rest and have the seder meal. The five days in between are the actual holiday part of the week. But when passover lasts for 8 days, the first and last two days are considered rest days, and the four beetween are holidays. Before celebrations begin, the house must be cleaned to remove any traces of Chametz. This is because of the time of when the Jews left Egypt did not have time to let their bread rise, but also symbolises removing ‘ puffiness ‘

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