Amount Of Sugar On Yeast Fermentation

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What is the Effect of the Amount of Sugar on Yeast Fermentation? The concept of this lab is to show how the amount of sugar mixed with yeast does affect the process of fermentation. We are giving different amounts of sugar to a controlled amount of yeast and observing how the sugar will affect fermentation. This lab will test the yeast’s metabolism by testing how is generates energy from food (sugar). We will measure the energy by observing the amount of carbon dioxide is produced (as a by-product) of this reaction. During the lab we will start off by mixing warm tap water and three grams of yeast together in a test tube, we do this to three separate test tubes. We will then add different amounts of sugar to two of the three test tubes. We will put a balloon over the top of the test tubes in order to measure the amount of CO2 produced. We continue to check on our balloons every four minutes to observe change, we record the circumference…show more content…
The independent variable is the amount of sugar provided to the yeast and water mixture. (0 grams to tube one, 3 grams to tube two, and 2 grams to tube three.) The dependent variable is the amount of CO2 produced; the change in the circumference of the balloon. The controlled variable is the amount of yeast in each mixture. (3 grams of yeast in each tube) This experiment has a control group. Our control group is tube number one (purple balloon). I know this is control because it doesn’t receive the independent variable. The control group helps us because it helps us tell when our other variables are causing a reaction. We know the other variables cause a reaction because they look different and act different than the control. Without the control group we wouldn’t know if our experiment is having a reaction or

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