Dorian Gray Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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The Transformation of Dorian Gray Supported by Two Settings In the novel Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Wilde uses two settings (Oscar Wilde p.76 - 77) as support for the scene where the portrait begins to change. The details described in the streets of London and the market may be synonymous to Dorian Gray’s portrait by Basil Hallward, and Dorian’s personality before and after he mistreated Sibyl Vane. Oscar Wilde sketches a gloomy and ominous scene through his use of language when Dorian Gray walks in the streets of London after he victimized Sibyl Vane. This scene appears immediately after Dorian mistreated her, foreshadowing an unexpected change to come soon after; we later find out that that change is the malformation in his portrait.…show more content…
When Dorian is walking all night, he heads to a familiar place, one he could put a name to. The familiarity of Covent Garden is a likeness to when Dorian’s opinions were untainted before meeting Lord Henry. Furthermore, this familiarity is also a resemblance to the scene when the portrait changes. Dorian wants to have the familiar love that he had for Sibyl, despite it no longer existing. Because of this Dorian believes the photo could be reverted to its original condition by marrying her. In regards to the streets being compared to his spiteful thoughts, it transitions to the market as “the darkness lifted, and, flushed with faint fires, the sky hollowed itself into a perfect pearl” (p.77). The two settings are easily distinguishable as the streets are somber and frightening, and the market is beatific and inviting. The description for those two settings is imitating his inner and outer self. The market is “filled with nodding lilies…down the polished street” (p.77), which is a similarity towards his beautiful, superior appearance. This is further enhanced with all the references towards cherries that “had been plucked at midnight” (p.77) and the different types of flowers, all of which are fresh and

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