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Repressing as seen in Among the Hidden, discrimination as seen in Divergent, and having control of the population as seen in the Giver show the political and sociological oppressions presented in the science fiction novels. A form of repression in Among the Hidden is not allowing a family to choose how many children they can have, causing a problem on Luke’s life as he is being repressed and must be kept a secret form his society. These novels have a high impact on the readers perspective of their now a day world because these oppressive novels disguise possible dreams, fears, among other things that can be presented in a future disfunctional society that might be ours in real life and these novels warn us and help us take notice that this…show more content…
These people are looked upon as a threat to the system because they can become powerful enough to overrun the faction system and govern like humans do subjectively and with emotions interfering their decisions. Jeannine does this kind of discrimination to maintain “peace” and order but little does she know that the only person that is taking all that power to the head and becoming oppressive is her. There is a strong influence of escapism as reaction to all the oppression presented in Divergent in this case discriminating these people result in a revolution and a constant desire to be on the run and to escape the reality that the protagonist Tris and other characters have to face. This oppressive genres of dystopian novels in science fiction use amplification, paradoxes and irony to present the injustices and flaws of our systems today. As teenagers become more intrigued in this fictional world of political and sociological oppression they often become skeptical and begin to question authority and the government and whether the actual real life system is how it should be. This is important because it sparks up critical thinking on their journey to self- discovery and it’s a huge deal that these books have such an impact on making them who they

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