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Ames Room After researching “Ames Room” this room is based from a 19th century conceived by Hermann Helmholtz. Then Albert Ames,Jr created his room in 1946. There are two illusions associated in this room.First the room looks like a cube, but in reality the room is shaped like a trapezoid, Secondly one of the figures look bigger than the other one but they are the same size. The reason why that happens is because when you look into an Ames Room, the room looks normal and cubic, but its true shape is cleverly distorted. Even though the floor looks even it is actually at an incline also the wall look perpendicular to the floor but in reality they are slanted. What really gives the illusion does not always come from the walls but what really…show more content…
There has to be some kind of light hitting the inside from the top because if not the illusion will not work as desire. After you remove your eye from the peephole you see the real image and realize the true shape of the box and that the figures are the same size after us looking inside. Some people think that the illusion is fake because you put the same size object at different distance that is why one looks bigger than the other, but in reality they are the in the same distance it's just your mind playing tricks on you because of the way the wall is slanted in specific angel. The more you decorate the room the more of an illusion you are going to get out of the “Ames Room”. Not only the wall is important but the shape of the floor is what makes the objects smaller because of the angle it is form. If you cover the top with something and use little lights to make the project more creative it will not work because it will make the illusion go away.Why? because all the patterns that you used like the checkered or the windows that you used will not show. So make sure that when you create this project you don't cover the top at all. Even the crater of the Ames room did not cover it so I don't know why in the world you are going

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