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Ames Room Ames room is an optical illusion that leaves people wondering how it really works. How can a person of the same size be looking at two different heights? This is all due to perspective and the way a room is shaped liked. Ames room was invented in 1934 by an American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr, and then constructed in 1935. This is not a hard thing to construct, in fact it is very easy but it requires knowledge and creativity. The person viewing this has to be looking at it from one hole and from the outside the project seems to be squared but in reality it is trapezoidal. The walls have to be slanted and the ceiling has to be at an incline and one corner is closer than the other from the hole where a person views it. This is the reason why optical illusion is created, on one side an object seems to be a giant and on the other side the object seems to be a midget. If the illusion is big enough for a person to fit then a person can be walking back and forth and be looking like if they are going from being a giant to being a midget. Since a person views it from a small hole they believe it to be “magical” but its all in the way the room is constructed.…show more content…
Now, for the magnetic mountains he found a mountain in Ayrshire, Scotland that has a line of trees making water in a creek seem to be flowing upward. The founder believed that the anti- gravity illusion can be a challenging view in how the world views things. For example, he believed or questioned that what if we see things differently just because of the way things are placed. The world could be different if things were placed differently, or placed in a certain pattern. This illusion strongly debates/negate the law of gravity which then leads to asking more nature

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