The Pros And Cons Of Over-Crowded Prisons

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Over- Crowded Prisons ABSTRACT Prison is different from almost every other institution or organization in modern society. It is the only place where a group of employees manage a group of captives who live by the rules of their keepers and with restricted movement. Managers of prisons do not get to select their clients who are there against their will. When governing a prison one must understand and accept an inmate balance theory which is essentially the inmates run the institutions. A publication of Fisherman’s sex in prison (1934) marked the beginning of the scientific study of inmate subcultures, and expresses that prisonization is a learned behavior of the norms and values of prison society. This paper will discuss the need to fix overcrowding in prisons. America’s incarceration rate is ridiculously high.…show more content…
Steps taken like this have formed into mandating minimum sentences and three strikes which say’s prisoners stay in longer. There seems to be a commitment to the institution instead of to the rehabilitation of the prisoners. James Martinson says “Nothing works” in relation to rehabilitation however I can’t agree with him because Martinson statement only supports what is being done to keep prisoners locked up longer. Commitments to prisons have grown in alarming numbers than the increase in population or in crimes, or arrest according to Dr. Homant discussion on why are so many people in prison. Several things that attribute to overcrowding prisons such as new offenses, mandatory prison terms, three strikes laws, lengthening prison terms, life without parole and changes in good time credits. I believe that Legislation plays a huge role in the increase of overcrowded prisons by allowing things such as three strikes laws, anti -drug abuse act and doubling sentences of two time offenders is

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