Bhopal Gas Tragedy Case Study

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BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Bhopal which is the central city of India, the capital of the state Madhya Pradesh inhibiting nearly million people in the central and northern districts of the place was called “the greenest city of India”, at least before the Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place on December 3rd 1984. This industrial catastrophe shook the entire nation causing severe casualties, immediate death of 2259 people was reported which was later confirmed to be more than 8000 deaths within 2 weeks of the incident. The cause behind this incident was the leakage of the poisonous gas called methyl isocyanate which has density greater than that of air, thus forming a cloud above the ground. The immediate exposure to this gas caused the on-spot death of people staying near the factory while those residing farther away had to face acute syndromes such as burning sensation in the eyes leading to blindness, suffocation, problems in the respiratory system and so forth, eventually leading to painful deaths.…show more content…
The reason behind the accident is still under debate. The government officials and activists state that the slack management and maintenance issues caused backflow of water in the MIC tank which caused the disaster. Cases were filled against the then CEO of UCC, Warren Anderson and he was charged with manslaughter by Indian authorities. Later on in June 2010, 7 ex-employees and the former UCIL chairman were convicted for their negligence and were sentenced to 2 years imprisonment along with the fine of $2000

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