Persuasive Essay On Road Construction

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Avoiding over stressed or damaged structures any more than they already are can create more danger for the constructed design in the long run. The legal load on roads throughout the country can vary due to different variables, such as how many axles are supporting the load, how far apart the axles are, and many others such as the gross weight of the load of the truck itself. Oftentimes paving equipment is seen being used to apply asphalt on roadways, overloading and damaging bridges. WSDOT has taken steps to reduce the paving train risk by limiting equipment weight when necessary with the Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP. It is a preferential tariff system which provides for a formal arrangement of exemption from the more general rules. The WSDOT also use plan sheets of the acceptable paving train knowing that today’s paving train equipment can have much heavier loads compared to bridge design codes. Our infrastructure has come a long way, showing that we are cable of finding new ways to improve our nation with more productive and cost friendly ideas. Our countries history in transportation has expanded over the years. In 1800 the nation was just a country of 16 states, and…show more content…
State and federal government took the lead in outlying areas where some roads made travel nearly impossible. In 1916, Congress realized the importance of good roads to the nation’s economy and allocated millions to improve them. States matched the funds with money raised from gas taxes, setting off a highway building boom across the country. Now our nation needs newer and more reformed infrastructure, so we can compete against other countries across the world and provide for our future generations. What will the United States grant our children to come? Will the U.S. have a well-regulated infrastructure as proven in the past. Or will the citizens in the United States crumble with

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