Why The Prohibition Failed In The Great Gatsby

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The Prohibition The Prohibition was a period in the 1920s where alcohol was not permitted. It was put in place to try and cease crime, tax burdens, and solve social problems (What). Instead, the prohibition caused an uproar. During the first few years, alcohol consumption decreased. After the decrease, the amount of consumption started to rise. The rise of this number was assumingly due to illegal alcohol. During the prohibition the law stated that all alcohol was illegal. That meant that alcohol related medicines were illegal too. This was the start of the repeal of the Volstead Act. Neighboring countries found that their alcohol trade flourished as many came to purchase alcohol and take it to America. This showed that it was affecting America’s economy (Fitzgerald, P). One of the reasons why the prohibition failed was that there just was not enough money or police power to stop illegal places like speakeasies from popping up (The Rise). The prohibitionists thought that people would go and spend their money on other things than alcohol such as going to the movies or buying a pack of gum or a soda pop. Their plan backfired. Some people supported the prohibition of alcohol sales for many reasons. Some opposed alcohol consumption for religious reasons; others thought prohibition would reduce unemployment, domestic…show more content…
He had many places all around. At one point in the story, Gatsby took Nick to one of his businesses. Gatsby introduced Nick to Mr. Wolfsheim, one of his business partners. Mr. Wolfsheim’s first impression of Nick was that he was someone that him and Gatsby were going to make business with. “This isn’t the man!” Gatsby told Wolfsheim (Fitzgerald p 75). Wolfsheim was disappointed. This might show that Gatsby and Wolfsheim were always busy with their job. Also in the story, to hint that Gatsby was a bootlegger, was when asked Nick if he wanted to earn some extra cash. Nick knew what he meant and politely

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