Americans And Happiness

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Americans: Always on the Search for More On a cold rainy day, Martha sits on the kitchen counter as her mom is cooking dinner. The mother begins telling her about “the good old days” where money and materialistic objects were not a part of the American Dream. Times were easier, families were more united, and happiness had no price tag. Although a person can be satisfied with what they already have, if Americans did not want more, then what would make the world go round? Those who oppose believe that Americans are all selfish and could never have enough. Their only belief is that happiness is all you need. Advocates say that one is oblivious to recognize how privileged he/she is compared to other countries, and that they do not appreciate having money, until they no longer have the…show more content…
Americans never achieve full happiness because they tend to fill their lives with objects that have little importance, rather than things that have meaning. They are buying more than they have room to store, and are consuming material objects at faster than they are building happiness and satisfaction. Admittedly, they may be correct when they say that Americans take advantage of their wealth, and spend on unnecessary objects. Granted, some waste their money with their eyes closed. However, The American Dream is not the same as it was many moons ago, nobody wants to be pedestrian. It has evolved just like our world has. For an American, a new car or a house is as exciting as a trip to the moon; for the first month or so that is. An American can be stuck in a room full of clutter and still wants more, which shows just how materialistic Americans can be. If nobody desired change our world would be---. Americans only stand tall against the rest of the world because they are standing on their material possessions. The new car gets a scratch, the new house starts to age and it is off to the market for another. This is a basic instinct of Americans
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