How Is Amory Blaine A Uniquely American

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Uniquely American I found one of the main characters, Amory Blaine from “The Side of Paradise” novel to be uniquely American. America is known to be a distinct nation economically, socially and politically. It is for such reasons that people from other cultures note that Americans have a unique cultural identity that goes beyond every division within their own racial, ethnic, philosophical, political and religious differences. Many Americans would also agree that despite their many differences and points of origin, there are certain characteristics and behaviors that make them unique besides the nation’s political and economical structures. Though some have been labeled as stereotypes, there are several cultural traits that are valued by all Americans. Amory Blaine lived most with his mother Beatrice, who can be viewed as a very sophisticated women (Fitzgerald). After Blaine attended boarding school, he is enrolled at Princeton University where his personal traits that distinguishes himself apart from many other students. Blaine was a handsome and friendly young man, he had several traits he sets out to achieve in life though some ended up costing him his friends and family wealth. Apparently, the young boy inherited from his…show more content…
He is also very hardworking and courageous, which propels his determination through everything tough he experiences. Though he was brought up as a modest and reserved young boy, he grows up to be a typical American teenager capable of making friends and staying true to them. He is very close to his friends Rosalind Connage and Froggy Parker. Therefore, the boy stands out as a real American with a curiosity to conquer the world in search of happiness. At one point in time, he assumed a job that would propel him to the top like the rest of his friends just so as to change his life. He seeks to move beyond status and wealth because has other pleasures in

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