The Bystander Effect Video Analysis

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This video was an experiment on how normal everyday people are capable of awful things, just by listening to somebody telling them what to do. A scientist told the people in the experiment that they were a teacher, and were to give the learner powerful shocks if they got the answers wrong. It went from a 45 voltage shock to a 450 shock. They were given a 45 voltage shock themselves, and all of the felt the pain and thought the voltage was much higher, so they knew the pain the “learner” would feel. The point of the experiment was to see if the teachers would continue to administer the shocks, or if they would end it. Over 50% of the teachers continued until the highest shock. This video is crazy to me. The teachers continued to give the shocks…show more content…
You never know what people are capable of or what they are not capable of. You assume that if anybody saw anybody get hit by a car that the first thing they would do is go and make sure that they are for the most part okay and get them medical attention. Some people would just rather not worry about it though, because it’s not their problem. 3. The Bystander Effect In this video they were doing an experiment to see how people would react to different situations in public. They had somebody steal something from a woman in a very public place to see if a man would say something. The man didn’t say anything to the man who he thought stole, but clearly noticed what he had done. They also had a man dress up in different outfits and lay in the street and see how long it would take for him to get help. When dressed in a business suit, he was helped almost immediately and had lots of help, but when in casual clothes people didn’t even say anything and acted like they didn’t see him. They also had a lady in a casual outfit lay in the street, and it took 4 people to help her, but before that lots of people passed her doing

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