Comparing The American Dream In The Great Gatsby And Clark Rockefeller

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Since the birth of the great nation known as the United States of America millions have migrated in search of the “American dream”. The American dream can be best described as a hypothetical search of a better life and pursuit of lifelong happiness. Can true happiness be achieved? Sure. Happiness does not happen overnight and the only true way to achieve this lifelong happiness is to find yourself and to become content with yourself and your surroundings. In fictional story of The Great Gatsby and the non-fictional story of Clark Rockefeller very close similarities of unknown identity and failure of the to achieve true happiness can be drawn. Using these two stories as evidence I can conclude that identity is the key in which the American dream is unlocked.…show more content…
Gatsby was the type to throw a big party for people to notice his wealth and status, whereas Clark would be secretive in life to avoid being caught. Because Gatsby used his outgoing personality for acceptance and because he was seeking acceptance he tended to be true friend to those of which he liked. Clark was not a trustworthy friend, everything he did was for his personal benefit, Clark would trick people into trusting him but really he was just using them all along. Gatsby’s purpose for his behavior was clear in that he wanted Daisy to notice his success. Clark Rockefeller had no clear purpose, psychologically Clark was not normal he had a psychopathic way of taking on new identities most likely because he was dissatisfied and unhappy with his true

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