Mirror Cuckoo's Short Story: Where Am I?

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I don’t think anyone is in the room, this is my chance. I tried to use my mirror radio to contact someone in the agency, “This is agent Sana Vongeau. I need help, I have been kidnapped and I don’t know where I am. Send in backup ASAP!”. All I heard was static through the mirror radio. I guess someone heard me because someone took it from me and smashed it. I don’t know what had happened. The only thing that i know is that there’s something blocking my vision and I’m tied up somewhere. I can hear people whispering but, I don’t understand what they’re saying. I knew this mission was going to put me in danger or possibly put my life at risk. I EVEN TOLD THE AGENCY! My mind was racing with many thought and questions. What are they saying?! What are they going…show more content…
where am I?! WHY DID I AGREE TO DO THIS MISSION?! This all started when i was younger and it has continued to this day. I regret almost all the choices I’ve made to this day. When I was around 7 years old, I was sent to an orphanage. I didn’t know who my parents were or where I live or who I am. I now know that I grew up independent because I was genetically modified from a nearby lab. The agency told me how they knew i was special they said that whenever I talk to someone, they do bad things. As I got older, I got kicked out of the orphanage because I was too old to be an orphan. I had no guidance, alone in the city known to be ‘The city of love’. One day in the coffee shop, I didn’t know how to pronounce some French words and a guy named ‘Colin’ came up to me and helped me . (I would always ditch school so I had to learn how to speak French and English

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