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Thomas Paine started the path to the American Revolution. Thomas Paine was born on the twenty-ninth of January 1737. Paine did many things in his lifetime in 1776, Thomas wrote his most significant pamphlet called “Common Sense.” Without Thomas Paine, America wouldn't be America. Thomas Paine was the author and creator of “Common Sense.” Common sense inspired many people to get involved in the strive of independence. “the forty-eight page pamphlet would convince many colonist that declaring independence from Great Britain was the only choice. Thomas Paine was apart of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. James Monroe said, “Washington's swords would have been wielded in vain had it not been for the pen of paine.” The impassioned democratic voice of the age of revolution, Paine wrote for his mass audience with vigor, darity, and common sense. Thomas Paine not only was apart of the signing of the declaration of independence but was the leader. Thomas Paine accomplished many things in life, the Declaration of independence was one of many.…show more content…
Moving to america from the old world gave him greater opportunity to write his pamphlets. “The American Crisis”, Common Sense”, “The Rights of Man”, and “The Age of Reasoning” are four of Paines most popular and influential writings. Paines pamphlets allowed him to share his ideas and opinions with people of no education and high education. He wrote and published his works, which encouraged free thinking and standing up for one’s belief. Fear did not prevent this man from “stand[ing] up against slavery,” unlike the founding fathers. Paine was not was not scared to share his thoughts, which helped people see the way he saw. A major contributor to the change of mind of many Americans was Thomas Paine with his strong words understandable to all

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