Analyze The Extent To Which The Colonists Developed A Sense Of Identity

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When evaluating the extent to which the colonists had developed a sense of identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution, some things had changed while others stayed the same during the time period of 1763-1776. One thing that changed was the relationship between England and its American colonies after the French and Indian War. An aftermath to the French and Indian War was that England changed its attitude with the colonies by starting to enforce taxation and restrictions upon the colonists like never before. This new enforced taxation and restrictions changed the mindset of the colonists from being loyal subjects to being annoyed with England. Although the colonists may have started to become annoyed with England, they never thought of declaring official independence until 1776 with the Declaration of Independence which serves as a continuity of the mindset of British subjects. A continuity that later sparked protests against the British was the phrase “no taxation without representation”, which represents the colonist ideology of having representatives that speak for the people’s…show more content…
When forming the colonies England didn’t care much about the colonies and so colonial america made its own legislatures like the House of Burgesses all throughout the colonies. When the taxes and regulations came in, the colonists did the same thing got together protesting, boycotting, and forming groups to go against British demands and to ask for representation in Parliament. This leads up to the idea and continuity that the colonists did not want change from their lives before 1763 as shown through the Declaration of Rights and the Olive Branch Petition. They just wanted to keep living as British subjects but with all the laws imposed the colonists just couldn’t do that and the problem escalated, eventually, to the American

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