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Gabrielle Kennedy Collage Independent Reading 10-8-14 english hour C Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zavin 1. Prom Ticket: A prom ticket would have meant the world to Liz even if she didn’t want to go or have a date. Zoey, Liz’s friend had gotten asked to prom so they decided to go to the mall to get Zoey a dress. Liz wanted to be ask and was eager for the day to come. Sadly, it was the ride to the mall that took her life and her friends. When Liz was in Elsewhere she watched Zoey at prom and missed earth terribly, but a ticket for prom would be a great keepsake from earth to her. Though it was sad for her to miss it she was happy for Zoey as it helped her as a friend to find joy after Liz passed. The ticket was not just a missed event to Liz,…show more content…
Early’s Poem was more of a memory than a memento to Liz as she remembered one of the lines throughout both her life and most of her death. “I met a traveler from an antique land,” this phrase haunted Liz with chills every time she heard it. Liz always thought of Egypt when she thought of the poem and reminded herself that she thought the pyramids were a waste of time if they were only used for tombs. Liz felt very useless in parts of her journey through death but looking back at her life through the eyes of the poem helped her to realize that her life was happy and not to be ashamed of. This poem played a part of Liz’s life that nothing else could fill for she became a traveler from an antique land as she traveled through her life after…show more content…
Liz, a teenager who lost her life became very depressed about losing her life. There were Observation Decks where you could pay eternims to watch people on earth. Liz, when she was depressed spend months watching her family just wanting to go back and be happy again, but she couldn’t. This memento would stand for another part of her time in Elsewhere when she just wanted to go back and time she could’ve spend doing other things. The eternims given to her by her also deceased grandmother slowed down Liz’s depression phase as watching the people she loved be sad over her made her just want to give up. If Liz put these eternims in a scrapbook she would be showing her time of depression and how she got over through her natural love of dogs and the cool aspects of

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