American Red Cross Leadership Analysis

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Introduction: What is change? Change can be hard to define. If I were to define change in one word it would be transformation. Change is something that happens around us every day, rather we like it or not. For example, a human being has many different stages life. It starts out as an infant then moves to early, middle and late child hood, then adolescence, early adulthood, midlife, mature adult, and finally late adulthood. During these different stages of life, the human body is changing or transforming every day until death. There are things that the human body can do as a response to their body changing, such as eating healthy, staying away from drugs, and exercise. There are things that organizations can do when change impacts the organization is, organizational development. There are several components that make up organizational development. In this paper I will explore two of them which is change management and importance of leadership in regards the American Red Cross. Organization Background:…show more content…
on May 21, 1881 by Clara Barton. In 1869 Barton became involved working with the International Red Cross in Geneva Switzerland and from there she wanted to bring the Red Cross to America. Barton served as the president for ARC for 23 years. Under her leadership the American Red Cross was able to receive its first congressional charter in 1900. The American Red Cross is the only congressionally mandated organization to provide aid to victims of disaster and is responsible for fulfilling the mandates of the Geneva Convention within the United States. The purpose of the American Red Cross is to provide five key services around the world through Disaster Relief, Supporting American Military Families, Life-Saving Blood, Health and Safety Services, and International

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