Narrative Essay On Homeless Man

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one afternoon Chris, an eager to please 19 year old, sees a homeless man sitting on the curb by the newspaper office. "He looks like he hasn't eaten in a couple of days." Chris thought to himself. As I walk up to the man, he stares up at with hopelessness in his eyes. As I walk up to the man, he stares up at with hopelessness in his eyes. "What is your name?" Chris uttered. "Daniel" he replied. "When is the last time you have eaten?" Chris questioned. "I'm not sure," he stuttered, "it's been a while." "Well let's go grab a bite to eat, and you can tell me more about yourself." Chris stated. Daniel got up and followed Chris down the block to a cafè. We wander in and sat at booth in the corner. The waiter took our order and left us alone. As we waited for our food we talked more about hisself.…show more content…
We began to talk and talk, then our food came out. He ordered a big plate of food, and ate every bit. After we walked out he looked at me once again. "God bless you." he proclaimed. I smiled and walked off. My heart filled with joy, I smiled the whole way home. The days went by with nothing out of the blue happened. Yet, two days after meeting Daniel I walked past the newspaper office and realized he wasn't there. I walked in and grabbed the morning newspaper. To see Daniel's name across the top, with the question: murder or accident? I sat the paper down flabbergasted. The joy in my heart began to fade away and the pain began. The women behind the counter of the office, Jennifer, looked at me and screamed. "MURDER!" she shouted My heart stopped. "What?" I

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