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Music and Expression 1) In song one ’’Born In The U. S. A. ’’ by Bruce Springsteen, we are presented with a critic view of America, and their choices with war. He sings about being sent of too war in a foreign country, lose a couple friends and when he comes home there’s no one to care for him. So what he sings about is that is this really what it means to be American? Do the soldiers really have to come home and face unemployment; he doesn’t think that’s what America should offer. In song two ‘’Bored in the USA’’ by Father John Misty, who sings a song about the sad life in America. He speaks of all the flaws, the crippling debt that spawns from educating, and he blames it on America. It is the downfall of the American middle class, who has to take huge loans just to get through college. Song three ‘’American Idiot’’ by Green Day is about the band wanting the Americans to stand up for themselves. They speak of how the people are being told what to do, what to buy. How the media, and the politicians are controlling us. So this song is basically high-level propaganda. In Song four ‘’White America’’ by Eminem we’re presented the racial differences in…show more content…
In ‘’American Idiot’’ the language is quite offensive. They throw around with swearing words such as; fuck, faggot, and redneck. Where it would be simple to draw a conclusion that they are just freaks who wants to yell and bang drums, it is quite more than that. In the song Green Day are telling us that they don’t want the American people to stop being robots, controlled by others. And how we should not let the media and politicians tell us what to do. And how they should not be detested by the decisions the government makes ‘’Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alienation’’. But their language is a bit rough, but they feel they need to do it if they want to get inside the head of the ‘American Idiot’. They want the nation to wake

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