Essay On Vigilantes

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DANGEROUS is the first thing or word that came out from our mind when we hear about vigilantes. We just do not know but vigilantes help us and our country in so many ways. For example crime reduction, vigilantes reduces the crime in the country by killing or disposing a person that can cause serious and big amount of crime in a community. Cogdill (2002) indicates “someone is killing America’s worst criminal one by one”. It is a type of crime reduction that makes vigilante as a friend. Another thing that vigilante can do to prove that they are not enemies is justice serving. In this act they will do whatever it takes just to get and give the justice for the people who was not able to get it by themselves because of the poverty and their…show more content…
For them killing is absolute they prepare death for criminals that law cannot implies even though killing is a mortal sin they still do this for the sake of everybody because their believe that if you do not kill this dangerous person it can kill many innocent without any reason. On other hand being a vigilante is very hard not just because you are serving your country and other people thinks that you are dangerous, vigilantes also having their own problem that can effect them from helping us. For example vigilantes sacrifice their whole life just to help other people but sometimes vigilantes can be victims, because some officers or polices arrested a vigilantes because they think that vigilantes are the same with terrorist even though terrorist hurts the public while the vigilantes is protecting us from the people that can harm us. Another thing vigilante encounter is when they need to sacrifice their life and devoted it to the people that surrounds them, when you become a vigilant it contains your family involvement in this case every vigilant should abandon their family for them not to be hurt incase of a person tries to revenge. Leaving your family is the best way to protect them even though it is very hard to abandon a family. As a
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