Multi-Faceted American Hero

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A Book Report on the Multi-Faceted American Hero in King of the World by David Remnick This book report will focus on the historical theme of the multi-faceted American hero in the biographical analysis of Muhammad Ali in King of the World by David Remnick. Remnick beings this novel with an evaluation of the most popular heavy fighters of the mid 20th century, such as Floyd Patterson and Sony Liston, that define the focus on good guy/bad guy paradigm in boxing culture. Patterson was typically seen as a well-educated “good guy” of heavy boxing, which was contrasted by Sonny Liston’s “bad guy” image in the American media: “The press shuttled between the two and drew out this contrast of Good versus Evil, of the Good Negro versus the Threatening Negro” (Remnick 17) . Remnick portrays the young Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) as being a combination of both of these polar opposites, since he was able to project a confident form of righteous indignation. In this early development of Ali’s media image, he set the…show more content…
More so, Cassius Clay became a popular figure that overcame these dualistic perceptions of Patterson and Liston through his sheer confidence, bravado, and entertaining personality in the quest to become the “king of the world.” Remnick provides an intriguing historical argument on Ali’s rise to fame through the many differing aspects of his

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