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Inflatable boats for Sale So Many Uses Today we have a number of different styles of boats on the market, but even with all of the technology available and the various styles of luxurious vessels in the world, there is always a need for a more basic style of boat. The inflatable boats for sale today offer the perfect solution for a variety of uses throughout many sectors of marine activities. These boats are not simply the balloon style vessels you may be thinking of. Inflatable boats have been engineered to much more than an average boat. What is an Inflatable Boat An inflatable boat is just as it sounds. It is an inflatable vessel, but you will not find someone attempting to inflate the boat by typical inflation methods. The instead maintains pressurized gas that allows it to inflate at the touch of a button. The concept is that the boat can be inflated rapidly with the use of the gas to allow for a quick getaway from a sinking vessel or for rescue purposes while out on the water. The structure is flexible, but also maintains rigidity and the transom area is understandably solid to account for the strength of the engine. History…show more content…
The actual inflatable boat concept, however, did not move beyond animal skins until 1840 when the Duke of Wellington tested the first ever inflatable pontoons. The first successful inflatable boat was not produced until 1945. The first models used primarily rubber and although the material was quite successful, has since been replaced with a number of other materials that work better with the rigidity of the vessel and provide many more options for seating and various styles of engines to be

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