All Summer In A Day

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“They ran among the trees, they slipped and fell, they pushed each other, they played hide-and-seek and tag, but most of all they squinted at the sun until tears ran down their faces; they put their hands up to that yellowness and that amazing blueness and they breathed of the fresh, fresh air and listened and listened to the silence which suspended them in a blessed sea of no sound and no motion.” -All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury In this incredible moment in the story “All Summer in a Day,” by Ray Bradbury, the children are in the future on Venus, where the sun comes out only once every seven years. The first time the sun had ever come out in their lives was when they were two, but there’s one girl, Margot, who’s different. She lived…show more content…
The children are jealous of her and lock Margot in a closet whilst the teacher is away. Margot fights to try and get out, but the closet lock was strong and held Margot in. Cruelly laughing and ignoring her, they run and return to their classroom. Then, the teacher returns to take the children all out to enjoy their hour of sun, but they don’t remember Margot in the closet. They play and play out in the sun! “Oh it’s much better than heat lamps isn’t it?” one child says. “Much, much better!” another replies cheerfully. They realize what that had thought about the sun, the heat, the warmth, was unexplainable, unless you experienced it for yourself. “They ran for an hour and did not stop running,” wrote Bradbury. In the end, the rain begins to fall again, one droplet at a time, and the students remember Margot. “They walked over to the closet door slowly and stood by it. Behind the closet door was only silence. They unlocked the door, even more slowly, and let Margot out.” Finally, the children have a change of heart. They realize that their jealousy overwhelmed them, and that they ruined something amazing for

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