All Summer In A Day Movie Vs Book

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Essay Creativity is the factor that separates the short story from the movie adaption of All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury. In the book, that Margot is described as an old photograph was washed away, along with all of her color. In the movie, she is the same color as all of the other children. Also, the school sounded interesting in the short story, since it was an underground school. In the movie, the school is above ground and it does not seem as out of the ordinary as the school in the short story. The ending in the short story kept up the suspense of the story, and let the reader decide how Margot might react. I believe that since this is a science fiction story, that there should be some specific details. In the next paragraphs, I will go into more detail on what I have just told you. Margot is more detailed in the short story, and she is different than the other children in terms of facial features. Margot is unique to everyone else in the short story. She is described as an old photograph that was washed away from and album. If she spoke at all her voice would be a ghost. Most people that you see are not like that, which is why Margot stands out in the short story. There is nothing that stands out too much about…show more content…
The underground school in the story is unique and sound interesting. People are not used to hearing about and underground school. Therefore, this idea brings a unique feeling to the story. In the story, the school is described as “many echoing tunnels in an underground city.” There is an example on the Ray Bradbury uses detail to describe his setting. The school in the movie is above ground, and is a regular looking school. All schools that people attend are above ground, so there is nothing new in that part. The school does not look unique to any other school that there is

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