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Romeo and Juliet essay Baz Luhermann symbolized many key things from the play “Romeo and Juliet” made by William shakesphere around 400 years ago, which luhermann later remade into a modernized version of the play into a film. Bah Luhermann did a great job symbolizing the key things thoughout the film. The film has many symbols such as, The arch which represents the play is still a part of the film, the broken mirror which generally symbolizes bad luck which both the capulets and the montagues had throughout the film and of course the costumes that were worn at the capulet party that represented the characters personality. The play that William shakesphere created was one of the, if not the greatest play of all time and was the main reason the film was remade by Luhermann. Luhermann used the play to remake and modernize it for the modern audience around 400 years later. Throughout many stages of the film an arch was shown that was located at verona beach. The arch was where most of the important scenes occurred such as, the death of mercutzio who was slayn by Tybalt (Juliets cousin). The arch reminds the modern audience that the play was the reason this film was…show more content…
In the scene set at Verona beach, Tybalt stabs mercutzio with a piece of a broken mirror. Broken mirrors are known to be bad luck and in the film, it is the same. Both families experienced a lot of hatred towards eachother from the starting scene at the petrol station, but as soon as mercutzio was stabbed things became alot worse. From that stage Tybalt was killed by Romeo. Tybalt was someone who hated peace and obviously didn’t want it between the families and from the families not having peace, it finally took its toll with each family losing a loved one in Romeo (montague) and Juliet (capulet) who both died wanting peace which is the complete opposite of Tybalt. All of that chaos leads backto the broken mirror symbolizing bad

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