Analysis: Was Jesus Black, White, Or Something In-Between?

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Was Jesus Black, White, or Something In-Between Anyone who has ever been to the middle east, Israel, or even seen people of these nationalities on television knows the chance of Jesus, and Israelite, being as a light-skinned, blue-eyed man, as depicted in so many paintings, movies, and television shows, is simply next to zero. Still, many people want to know just how dark he was, in other words, was Jesus black? According to the web blog Preyingnarcissist, a collection of ancient scrolls was recently discovered by archaeologists that may answer this question once and for all. The team from Tel Aviv is said to have found additional scrolls near the caves in the West Bank area of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947. The documents are said to have been written by a group of Jews known as Essenes. The writings are similar to the Dead Sea scrolls, but in one fragment the scroll is said to read, "The infant was the color of the night” and “In the dark of the night nothing could be seen of the infant except the white of his eyes."…show more content…
In one tale, "Hamshet and the infant are described by a shepherd as sharing 'the same color of skin', a remark Joseph does not take lightly." This is the only scroll where Joseph is said to have a half-brother, or where the person named Hamshet is

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