Exodus Revealed Reflection

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The documentary film “The Exodus Revealed: Search for the Red Sea Crossing” tackles on the development of the investigation regarding the credibility of the historical accounts in the Bible, particularly on the Book of Exodus. Numerous experts in the fields of philosophy, history, archaeology, and anthropology noted the following evidences for the book’s credibility: a) the first Hebrew or Israelite settlement in the Nile Delta, which was led by Joseph to escape from Egypt (Canaan) to the Delta (Goshen) and how it significantly impacted the culture of the modern Israelite community; b) the culture of the first Israelites through the practice of idolatry and the Pharaoh deeming them as a threat (Ex 1:8-10), thus proving that the Exodus was true;…show more content…
After the first stage, which was Adam & Eve, God managed to create a covenant with the Chosen People of Israel. As stated in the Books of Genesis and Exodus, God wanted to speak through them to spread the true definitions of His being, that He is the one, living and true God and that the people would shift their ways from polytheism (the belief of many gods, as practiced in primitive religion through idolatry) to monotheism (the belief of one God), which is regarded as a natural religious truth. Without revelation, it is very difficult for man to know these truths because there is no presence of physical evidence and it has been done in practice for so many centuries. The Red Sea crossing for instance can belong to the supernatural order/truth because the waters moved without the natural power of man whereas it goes beyond this capacity that man has and it was only a product from the divine intervention of

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