Disadvantages Of Agricultural Cooperatives

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According to the directives issued by Nepal government on providing Grant facility for cooperative,-2016 says-mainly there are two types of facility given to the agricultural cooperatives they are: Seed money and capital grant. This facility is given every year as accordance with the arrangement approved budget and programs of ministry of cooperative and poverty alleviation and cooperative department. This facility is given to mainly three types of agricultural cooperatives. First, cooperative that is providing opportunity to workers, landless farmers and marginalized communities for producing or selling goods or service to their members. Second, cooperative that has managed cooperative farming land for long period of time and have cooperated…show more content…
As concerned to women only running cooperatives it is in inaccessible are it is 95% where as in other areas it is 75% of capital grant is provided. Apart from the money government subsidies for fertilizers and advanced quality seeds are also distributed through cooperative organizations and cooperatives shops. There is supportive policy on revenue also. Cooperative doesn’t have to pay any customs tax, value added tax (VAT), while purchasing machinery, equipment, parts of machine, raw materials etc. Similarly, to sell the products produced by agricultural cooperatives doesn’t have to pay any exercise or value added tax (VAT). Cooperative act-1992 of Nepal has defined all works, duties and right of all position of people in cooperative. Nepalese cooperative consists of Membership assembly as the main body of cooperative. Membership assembly chooses board of directors and Account committee member by casting vote. The voting right is ‘one person one vote’. There is not system of extra votes in the cooperative act of Nepal. For the effective and efficient management of cooperative, cooperative of Nepal are two segment integrated. One segment includes general assembly or membership assembly; Board of directors; Account committee and sub-committees who are none paid while another segment are paid management employee. None paid member get allowance…show more content…
It should also discuss the reports presented by the board of directors and account committee and give necessary directives. It can make decision on amendment to bye-law and also make decision on division or unification with another cooperative. 2) Board of Directors: Members in board of directors are elected by the general meeting of membership assembly. A boar consists of one chair man, one vice chair man and others are member of board of directors. Time period of board of directors may not be more than five years or according as prescribed bye-law. The board has to get new board elected prior to expiration of its tenure. Two persons from one family cannot be the member of board of directors at the same period of time. Work duties and right of board of directors are as prescribed in charter of every cooperative. It will hold its meeting no difference between 45 days between two meetings. According to the instruction of chairman prescribed date, location and time will be next meeting. If only 51% of the member of the committee are present in the meeting than only the meeting will be valid. All the decision made by board of directors should be minutes and signed by all presented

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