Essay On Human Religion

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THE HUMAN RELIGION Religion is an issue that has for a very long time been as divisive as it is unifying. Before the incorporation of modern world religions there were the local or rather tribal religions that existed. Pragmatic examples of these religions can be extrapolated from the continent of Africa. Examples include the ancient Egyptian religions which have been marred in controversy and managed to seep their way into modern day religions (Lugira, p.102). The prevalence of these religions shows the philosophical sophistication of the African people. The American church is an example of a modern day religious movement. The American church is built on the premise of Christianity and the belief In life after death (Bacon, p.61). The following is a religious allegory of my own. The allegory explores my own aspects of morality, ethics and philosophical standing which might have a basis as a system of belief. The premise of any Modern day religion that is ascribed to today is belief in a deity. This is a deity whose existence is usually rather impossible to verify. My version of a religious allegory will incorporate aspects of belief in an intangible philosophical entity as…show more content…
It simply ascribes to the resurgence of energy. In other words every generation has the capacity of living up to its full potential and converting the earth into a utopia of humanity. Failure to do this transfers this energy to the next generation of human beings. Thus, if human beings were to shed their primal instincts then they would have the capacity to change the world for the extreme better. This is the aim of this belief in humanity. Elevating the quality as well as the quantity of human life. This will alleviate aspects such as suffering from the human race. If a person were to die having achieved their full potential in the service of humanity they would be celebrated instead of being
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