Did Grace Make The Right Decision To Go Back To Toronto Case Study

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Did Grace make the right decision to go back to Toronto? Explain why you think Grace made the right or the wrong decision by going back to Toronto. Take the factors below into consideration: What might have been some of the considerations she had in making her decision? Perhaps seeing Barb’s and Anne’s strong emotions towards the event managed to push Janice away. Being told of the misery endured by the family and being treated as a solution to it all could have been overwhelming. Janice was not Grace as they kept trying to make her be; she had her own story, identity, and more importantly a family. Janice may have not previously considered the consequences of reaching out to her birth family and once there surrounded by extreme emotion she panicked. Once again without fully considering her actions and in a mist of panic Janice decided to flee. Through interpreting her character throughout the play, it is clear that she…show more content…
The night spent with her biological family and finding out the truth about her adoption could be enough to change her forever. It is clear that both her biological father and brothers death hurt her which confused her immensely as shes had zero relationship with them. Janice explained her constant battle growing up and never quite fitting in with her white suburban uprising or her Native American background. Being able to place faces and stories to that background could consequently raise adversities to her life moving forward. Barb and Anne answered many questions which opened the door for unhealed wounds and many more questions. Janice’s decision to walk away and head back to her comfort zone was both emotionally unhealthy and selfish. I think that she simply decided to run away from the biggest problem in her life. Janice would only be submerging her true emotions and forcing herself to believe she was happy with her decision in order to not deal with it

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