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Mineral makeup has been a rage in recent years. It appears as the ecological solution proposed by cosmetics manufacturers. So we decided to investigate to find out more about this phenomenon ... Benefits of mineral makeup? OR Is mineral makeup is right for you or not? This is the subject that we discussed Firstly, let us talk about What is mineral makeup? Mineral makeup consists of ground crushed minerals. It comes in the form of a powder which changes the usual products often compact or liquid such as foundations, blushes or eyeshadows. For more information about safe cosmetics please read our blog Lead in lipstick. Its formula is more focused on the health of the skin. It promises comfort and a very natural look. It does not clog pores and protects the skin from the sun…show more content…
How to choose the mineral make-up brand? Mineral makeup brands are not all similar. Some manufacturers also wanted to take advantage of the development of mineral makeup by directly applying the term "mineral" to their collection as they contained some minerals (often mica, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). But the real mineral makeup is much more demanding. First, it exists only in powder form. A lipstick, a gloss or a mascara can not be entirely mineral makeup. It is important to ensure that the list of ingredients contains only minerals, regardless of their number. Indeed, in an environment exclusively composed of minerals, the bacteria do not develop or then very difficult. Mineral makeup However, as soon as non-mineral ingredients are added, this naturally present antibacterial protection is broken. On contact with the skin, the brush used to apply the powder can spread the bacteria in the product and on our face. To protect the skin from UVA and UVB, it is important that the powder contains zinc (titanium

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