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The Age of Enlightenment, which took place around 1699 to 1789, had dramatic impacts on the way people thought about science, government, philosophy and much more. Without the Age of Enlightenment, the world today would not be as we know it. With further analyzing of the initiation of Enlightenment thinking, it is necessary to go back to 1687 when Isaac Newton published, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. In this work, Newton theorized his view of the cosmic system in which the earth and the heavens coexisted through observations, which was not common of thinkers of that time. Newton explained the various effects of gravity via mathematical explanations and laws. This prompted the initiation of an age in which humans used their observations to come up with theories about the sciences, mathematics, politics, and much more,…show more content…
Civilians began challenge traditional authorities and began developing individual thoughts. As printing presses became more popular, these ideas were able to spread quickly through communities via newspapers, word of mouth, etc. Rather than simply relying on government to change, people began to rebel in order to defend their thoughts. This is seen with the French and American revolutions as well as later revolutions in imperialist colonies throughout the world. However, this is also seen in the common world today as women, African Americans, the LGBTQ Community, and other repressed groups of people that stand up for their natural rights of life, liberty, and property that they deserved and would eventually receive from the government. As previously mentioned, the Enlightenment also led to European Romanticism, which stressed the expression of human emotion and intuition. This impacted culture with the revival of works such as Shakespeare’s romantic tragedies. The Enlightenment was an important time in history, without which, society would not be as it is

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