Summary: Chinese Influence On Persian Paintings

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Persia and China are two of the most influential centers of art and painting in Asia. They have been known to influence one another in style throughput the years, this influence has lead to several achievements in style on behalf of both sectors. Chinese impact on Persian paintings became very noticeable under the Mongols.( ) Chinese influence on Persian paintings first appeared in manuscripts illustrated around the time that the Il-Khandis ruled Tabriz. Tabriz was in direct contact with China through trade routes that passed by Central Asia. It is assumed that most Persian paintings that were influenced by the Chinese were made in Tabriz. (Sugimura, 1991) Ever since the 7th century, China has been perceived to be the most crucial incentive for paintings in Iran along with being its artistic center of influence. This is all started with the development of relation between Buddhist…show more content…
The Chinese have a certain way of depicting a dragon, they portray it curving its body in an “S” shape adding emphasis on the fire coming out of the dragon’s nostrils and its 4 limbs and claws. Iranians however, usually portrayed the dragon in a snake-like form. Nevertheless, after the invasion of the Mongol, Iranians started going with the more traditional depiction of the dragon but they combined that style with their own. They used decorated motifs and illuminations to add their own style (Kadoi,2011). In china, the dragon would usually be used to signify their emperor. Iranians modified the symbol of the dragon in order for it to symbolize their Mongol rulers. Another example to add would be the Chinese Phoenix, which in Chinese culture would be illustrated to have a long impressive tail and a distinctive face. The Chinese would usually place this phoenix in a naturalistic setting or background. Iranian depictions of the Phoenix however were composed in a more geometric and symmetrical way

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