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Mountain Meadows, Utah- a quiet land with beautiful valley hills and a granite monument dedicated to the lives lost in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Looking at images of the valley takes you back to another world. One hundred fifty-seven years ago the meadows showed a different scene- one of bloodshed and tragedy. September 11, 1857 was the day members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints killed 120 emigrants. The wagon under attack was called the Baker-Francher train named after the Baker and Francher families who were headed to California with hopes of prosperity. Little did the families know, only their children would survive. Tensions were at an all-time high amongst the Mormons in Utah because of the threat of war in addition…show more content…
Small disputes broke out between the opposing sides and the mormons wanted to take action. The suggestions of arresting the emigrants were turned down so the Latter-Day Saints decided to take matters into their own hands. Food supply was running low in the small surrounding towns so the saints called upon the Paiute tribe to kill the emigrants and take their cattle. It was early morning when the team of Paiute Native Americans and fifty to sixty Mormons, disguised as the Native Americans in attempt to relieve themselves of any future blame, took fire on the unsuspecting travelers. The emigrants fought back and dug ditches around the camp for children and women to take cover in. The fight lasted for a total of six days until the mormons had grown tired and decided it was time to end things. "Lee [militia leader] entered the emigrant wagon fort under a white flag and somehow convinced the besieged emigrants to accept desperate terms... each militiaman turned and shot the emigrant next to him..." (Turley Jr., Richard E. “The Mountain Meadows Massacre” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints., September 2007. Web. 10 Dec.

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