Overcoming Adversity Research Paper

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Many people have approached adversity in their life, however it is difficult to face it especially when you don't expect that problem. Adversity is part of our lives and it is important to face because you need to learn how to overcome adversity at some stage of your life. Adversity teaches us the great lesson of humanity. You will find out, every problem you have faced is teaches you something that will always helps you in future. People just need to face their problems instead of running from those problems, adversity is like your shadow and that would always follow you until you face it and find solution. Until you gain the strength and self- confidence to achieve what you want, your goal will always seem difficult to reach. Challenges…show more content…
If someone is able to do something no matter how hard it you will always find it easy. There is nothing in this world that could stop you to that. Everyone born with different ability everyone have that one thing that will always makes you happy. Since, you figure out what that is you will find your way to success, but if you start getting complicating things in your way that does not mean you are not able to finish it, that saws you that you are on right path you need to work much more harder. As Bethany Hamilton did she never give up and keep trying until, she prove that she is still able to do surfing. Just because of her belief in herself and her ability proves that everyone could do whatever you want you just need confidence in…show more content…
Friends and family is the best support. Nothing is impossible when you have friends and families by your side. It is very well said that "A family that stays together can face any obstacles". As family friends are also most important part of our lives. Everyone need that someone who always prove that you are special, and you always want to do something for them because, you don't want to break their trust and always want them to be with you and support you. Another way that family and friends help us overcome challenges and achieve our goals is by financially helping us. Your parents are always be with no matter what comes in their way they been through those problems and they know how hard it is, they will never let something/ somebody to hurt you. This what we need most in our life, someone's trust. And this is why you don't want to lose because you don’t want that their expectations on you will

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