Words That Describe Me Analysis

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Vigorous, the ideal word that describes me and my life. When people see me they see a girl with a serious expression across her face rudely saying “Don't mess with me!” People who don't know me, when asked, describe me as vain, mean, and rude. My friends and family describe me as a total opposite, a respectful person who loves to clown around. They see and know a whole different story behind that mean expression and understand it's all a cover-up. They see a girl who at a young age had to overcome obstacles. A girl who lived in fear of being ripped away from her parents. An Aggie who is determined to establish a better life style for her and her family no matter what it takes. The little girl that never spoke and avoided any trouble, the one who with her little piggy tails and smile charmed all the people. I used to be joyful, merry, and had no burdens. That once was me, until I realized how cruel and unfair this world was. Now I'm the girl who sees the world as an untruthful mischief place. The one who treats the world the same way it treated her. The one with an attitude that can rapidly explode…show more content…
For a few minutes I thought I had finally fit in until one of the mean girls got mad and spit a lougie in my hair. I exploded with anger, got up and swung hitting one side of her face,leading to my first fist fight. That day we both went home crying, and I realized why was I trying to be part of a group who didn't accept me for who I was. All those years of feeling inferior to my classmates ended quickly. I realized I didn't want to be like them, I wanted to be unique and proud of my roots. Those years of being treated as an inferior being made me realize I was taken advantage off because I was nice and ignorant to the world. I noticed as my personality began to shift into this quite person who just sat, watched and only smiled when talked
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