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Sociological Imagination, as defined by C. Wright Mills in his paper The Sociological Imagination, is the ability of a single person in society to consciously judge their social positions within society as a whole. In the NY Times article, “Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet,” questions on sociological imagination are brought up. Questions such as, how do people’s behavior on social media harm the society as a whole and what impact a social media post may have on the lives of people in society. Students on the internet don’t recognize the negative consequences a mean or hateful post may have on their victim. One of the many examples in the article referred to two middle school girls who tormented a girl on social media, which led…show more content…
Even more so in the case of the young middle school girl that had her entire life ahead of her. By sending a single mean post, the entire society had to change its stance on social media use, leading to schools hiring a technology company, Geo Listening. Geo Listening served as a surveillance team to track the student’s online activity, even outside of school. Society, according to Peter Berger in Invitation to Sociology, consists of many small social interactions that together make up a society. So, everyone in society as a result of individual online interactions, in this case cyberbullying, had to crack down and do their part in controlling the uneducated children so that events like the suicide do not happen again. Parents must teach their children not to post negative or hateful things on social media and if the parents don’t believe that their child is mature enough to thoughtfully consider their social media posts, they should just ban their children from using social media. Even though there are many ways for kids to get around a “ban” that their parents set, by enforcing it a little, maybe their children will be more disconnected from social

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