Bilingualism In Canada Essay

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The Canadian government has adopted bilingualism because of the following historical event : the creation of Official Languages Act of 1969, which offers federal services in French or English to Canadians. The Official Language Act was the most important policy to come from Co-operative Federalism movement.(See, 2011) True bilingualism means that people who live in Canada can speak and write two languages, but it is not a reality in parts Canada, only specific areas like Quebec, which used to be a French colony. The world has been unified by several languages such as English, French, Mandarin and Spanish. Most countries which are bilingual have their regional languages and one of English, French and Spanish because they were occupied by these…show more content…
The more chances they have, the more Canada the economy will grow. there other benefit, according to Baluja & Bradshaw(June 22, 2012), companies in Canada prefer bilinguals because they can think creatively in their work.(June 22, 2012) It means bilinguals are also bicultural, they have extensive knowledge to work originative. Prof. Genesee said transition from each language is helpful mental exercise.(June 22, 2012) Given this, Bilingualism is a steppingstone to multilingualism.There are many people from distint countries in Canada. It is true that Canadians can often have many opportunities to learn other languages beside French. Bilingualism which is English and French in Canada exists especially in Quebec, so bilingualism has stopped increasing for francophones in anther province as people who stopped learning French assume knowledge of French could be forgotten after graduation(June 22, 2012) ; however, they should not hesitate to keep the bilingualism. Even though English is lingua franca and many Canadian’s mother tongue, French is also and international language and an official language. Canadians have chances to learn French easier than another language. It is true that according to ‘Bill 101’, it encourages Canadian in Quebec to prevent to become monolinguals.(Dion, May 1, 2013, writing ‘Does Bilingualism Have a Future in

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