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Choosing a tent for yourself isn’t the easiest task in the world, but it’s a whole lot more enjoyable than trying to settle on a two person tent. When planning a trip with your partner or a friend, you need to find a tent which will suit the needs of you both rather than just yourself, which can result in multiple arguments about insulation, durability, and appearance. Furthermore, you’ll need to find a tent which is in your agreed upon price range, and one of you is bound to be more frugal than the other. In order to trim down the hours you will spend arguing about which tent to go with, we have collected dozens of two person tent reviews and studied them intently to come up with a list of the best two person tents on the market today. Here are five of them. ALPS Mountaineering…show more content…
For starters, a tent for a festival needs to be relatively easy to set up as you won’t have a lot of time or space for construction. For this reason, the Beautylife66 Pop Up Tent is perfect for those who regularly attend festivals overnight. The tent can be erected with virtually no effort at all and will be fully standing within sixty seconds, eliminating the need for any awkward fumbling with poles or strings. This tent is also quite compact, which is another essential quality for any festival tent. You will be surrounded by hundreds of other campers and tents, so a sprawling multi-room tent is ill-advised. The Beautylife66 Pop Up Tent is waterproof and will keep you safe and warm in varying degrees of rainfall. It is also easy to clean and well-equipped to deal with the drunken shenanigans of

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