Persuasive Essay On Asylum Seekers

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An Asylum Seeker is a term that brings much debate here in Australia. A lot of Australians don’t want asylum seekers to come into the county. The reason they don’t want them to be allowed in is because they think they’re not genuine refugees and shouldn’t be let in, or that we are supporting people smuggling by letting them in. That may be correct, but the real reason is safety. Most asylum seekers are refugees trying to escape persecution in their own country, and would do anything to find a safe haven for themselves and their families. The problem may seem to have been solved, by sending refugees to offshore processing centres (OPCs), but this has since created more problems. The OPCs and the asylum seeker policy laid down by the Australian Government is a violation of several rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Keeping Asylum Seekers in OPCs means that the refugees aren’t being allowed directly into the country in question. This is a straight up…show more content…
Refugees coming to Australia don’t have any Visas to allow them into the country. These statements are untrue. It is not illegal under Australian law to come without a visa (Source 1, Amnesty International). Article 14 of the UDHR also states that refugees have the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. Another reason Australians don’t want refugees to be allowed into the country, is because they are a threat to national security (Source 1, Amnesty International). Some refugees coming into Australia could be terrorists. This statement is simply false. Refugees are the ones trying to run away from terrorism and persecution. Refugees also go through a meticulous and thorough security check by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). This means it is highly unlikely that a refugee would be a threat to national

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