Catherine The Great: The Great's Impact On Russia

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When it comes to who had the greatest impact on Russia there is no doubt in my mind that Catherine “The Great” by far had the greatest positive impact. Starting before she was in charge when she was married off to Peter III and brought to the capital she immediately began converting herself to the Russian way of life from the language to converting to Orthodoxy. She showed that she was fully invested into her future as a Russian unlike her husband who barley spoke any Russian. If she had anything to do with the “dismissal” of her husband from power is something that can be argued over longer than she ruled. She showed a great drive to form Russia into a great power in Europe and upon her ascension to power she began with reforms to attempt…show more content…
Along with education but the sciences and art were given great attention by Catherine in her hope to create St. Petersburg into a center of civilization and what Russia could be and St. Petersburg was able to become a large beacon of culture in Russia. She sought a way to strengthen Russia’s financial or economic situation by reversing commerce restrictions in the hopes of encouraging more trade while attempted to increase the settlement of areas of Russia with few towns or people living in…show more content…
She dealt with and early attempt in 1764 to liberate Ivan VI and she resisted Pugachev’s rebellion in which a deserter had attempted to claim the throne by claiming to be Peter III and saying he had come to free the serfs and she was able to escape the “Reign of Terror” that effected France. So not only was she able to retain her title become the longest ruling woman of Russia but she was able to stay alive AND contribute to the foundation of multiple areas that would lead Russia further to Modernization in essence continuing her idol Peter “The Greats” vision. She truly earned the right to be called Catherine “The

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