The Importance Of Foreign Exchange Students In Japan

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his articel deals with the interesting problem Japan is facing. Indeed, due to the enormous efforts (Top Global University program; the number of foreign students is increasing, but still the number of foreign students that aims to work in Japan remain fairly low. 留学生たちが感じる日本の「魅力」 The foreign exchange students feel a special charm and attraction towards Japan. Many of my students have been attracted by manga, japanese history, and the special live style. You name it; thus, young people can be attracted to Japan, if fellowships are created. But In the first years there is a fascination and attraction by this charm; however, to be a valuable member of Japan's society one has to be able to emerge into Japanese culture and attitude. Many foreigners lack this ability. Japan is special As foreigner…show more content…
As foreigner, I am the guest, and I should respect and foster the Japanese culture. 日本語能力への期待が大きい A high level of Japanese language level is expected. Actually, this is getting less than a problem. The new Global Universities educate the students very well in the Japanese language. At iCLA, after graduation, the students have Japanese knowledge equivalent to N2 level. This language ability combined with technological developments is sufficient for any job. However, 敬語 (the politness forms) will take a life time of study; even for native Japanese this is difficult to learn. It takes mutual understanding The Japanese co-workers have to know the problems foreigners are facing. If the wrong 敬語 is used, a foreigner might face the problem that a customer is unhappy. Explain your customers the language limitations, be honest; honesty is a virtue in

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