Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refugees

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A refugee is an individual who has had no choice but to depart their country of origin because of “a justifiable fear of persecution”. Ireland will provide protection to people who flee their country for reasons which may comprise of certain issues such as their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion. Refugees are permitted to request close family members to join them as long as it meets certain guidelines. Once granted refugee status, a refugee can reside here in Ireland indefinitely and is entitled to apply for Irish citizenship when they have been residing here for three years from the date of their asylum application. They are then entitled to the similar rights and responsibilities to those of an Irish national. A refugee is…show more content…
The majority of Irish nationals believe that they are comfortable with both immigrants and refugees entering this country however, their views are contradicted by their worry over the economic effects it could have. Some individuals consider immigrants residing in Ireland to be abusing the social welfare system. In one sense I can relate to these beliefs as the Irish economy is looking destitute at this present time however the issue of refugees residing in this country is more relatively…show more content…
This can obviously be of great help to people in need, as it helps resolve certain crisis’s and may resolve the need to remove them from their own environment by granting them asylum. There are also negative effects too as citizens in need of aid may become dependent on it. Another negative effect is one which the Print Media commonly reports. They regularly state that Asylum seekers aim to gain residency Refugee status and take advantage of aid such as social welfare benefits, government grants

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