The Importance Of Jazz Culture

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There are many beautiful pieces that constitute a puzzle which represents a particular culture. Jazz music is one of them, the jewel of the culture of the African American people who have lived in the United States. The melodies of jazz have spread all over the planet and have become an indispensable part of many people`s lives, therefore being a tremendous socio-cultural phenomenon. The reasons for this sort of outcome are numerous, but there are even more reasons for us to preserve jazz from oblivion. To begin with, jazz cannot be defined since it is not a law or a theory. Nevertheless, when the etymology and some of the basic features are taken into account, jazz may be referred to as American music based on the tremendous fusions…show more content…
Due to the racial segregation, many African Americans were suffering since they were restricted from some of the basic human rights, so jazz music originated from their work songs (which represent a combination of work and singing being a part of West Africa`s tradition; those songs were performed to synchronize the workers while working) and spiritual songs (religious songs that expressed African Americans` desire for freedom and their dedication to their faith).Therefore, jazz music represents the core of the African American culture that helped these people preserve their own tradition and which we should preserve in their…show more content…
Listening to a musical piece of jazz is very special in the sense that jazz is deeply rooted in life taking all that life has to give and making multifarious mixture with the history of the music, of the people who perform it and with the sounds that can both inspire and comfort those people. Jazz is the music created by men of broken bones, broken pride and broken dreams; it may make you smile or it may make you sad, it may make you dance or it may make you just close your eyes and take pleasure in the sound but as long as it makes you follow the rhythm, its artistic value

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